Our History

1st Act : Encounter and discovery

It all starts in Alsace, Schirmeck, in kindergarten…
It’s the encounter, the learning, the discovery.
We are 3, very different and that’s precisely those differences that bring us closer…

2nd Act : Separation and reunion

Then mischievous, life separate us to better bring us together during informal appointments in our Alsace dear to our hearts, rich of our many experiences ...
What if our friendship became a source of projects, a pool of ideas, a bubbling of activities that merely express themselves in a creativity that resembles us and brings us together…

3rd Act : Alchemy and personalities

Eric, the dreamer, the romantic is as comfortable with the stars as with the numbers. He knows how to advise and convince without imposing.
Antonio, alias To, the pragmatic knows what is achievable and what is utopian. He knows how to federate and mobilize talents.
Christophe, it is the gourmand, the craftsman, the artist who knew how to give a new impulse to pastry. From Paris to Japan, he reveals and transmits his know-how.

4th Act : Professionalism and enthusiasm

Our desire has matured, our idea has taken shape, our project has been refined.
Our concept is born! Offering Strasbourg 3 convivial hotels (the Kléber Hotel, Victoria Hotel and Hotel Roses) and The Governor Hotel in Obernai, which rely on our professional skills and personal energies