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Because there is always something going on in Strasbourg, between a busy schedule and visits of all kinds, we offer:

  1. Little France
  2. Strasbourg Cathedral
  3. Place Kleber
  4. Rohan Palace
  5. The covered bridges and the Vauban dam (possibility of climbing to the panoramic terrace: remember to check the timetables)
  6. Visit the European Parliament
  7. Strasbourg museums
  8. Discover Strasbourg aboard a boat with Batorama
  9. Rent an electric boat with freshwater sailor.
  10. Visit Strasbourg by little train.
  11. Visit Strasbourg by bike with Velhop!
  12. Discover the municipal baths .
  13. Shopping at Lafayette Galleries , at the halls or to  Rivettoile.
  14. visit chocolate museum.
  15. Stroll along the Quai des Bateliers

As a Bonus: For athletes, visit Strasbourg while running

* Make an escape game at A Maze In

* Go see a film at the Vox!

* Enjoy shopping walk in Vendenheim (laser game, bowling, virtual reality center, restaurants, clothing etc…)

* Shopping at Roppenheim

* Place d'Austerlitz

* High Street

* Gayot Market Square 

* On one of the barges parked on the Ill

The Strasbourg Christmas market is one of the most famous and oldest in Europe. Every year, millions of visitors come to discover its many activities, its craft stands and its traditional Alsatian culinary specialties. Strasbourg's Christmas market is also known for its magnificent Gothic cathedral which lights up every evening during the festive period. The streets and houses in the city center are also decorated with fairy lights and Christmas decorations. Visitors can enjoy music concerts, mulled wine tastings and delicious Alsatian dishes. If you are looking to spend an unforgettable moment with family or friends, the Strasbourg Christmas market is an ideal choice. With its magic and warm atmosphere, it is an experience not to be missed during the end of year celebrations.

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Restaurants nearby

If you are looking for nearby restaurants, here are some suggestions:

Foreign specialties:

  •  Lamian Restaurant: Chinese specialties / 120 meters / 20, Rue du Fossé des Tanneurs
  • The Sultan: Lebanese specialties / 170 meters / 7, Passage de la Pomme de Pin
  •  Bahn Mi Saigon : Vietnamese specialties / 270 meters / 8, Quai de Paris
  • Poulaillon: 4, Place de l’Homme de Fer
  • La Mie Câline: 5, Place de l’Homme de Fer
  • Hands in the Flour: 16, Rue du 22 Novembre
  • Pâtisserie Christian: 12, Rue de l’Outre
  • L’Atelier 116: 116, Grand’Rue

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